Art Installation

Exclusively Full-Service

With Lovelace Design planning and designing, we ensure that no detail will be overlooked and that every aspect of your event will be cohesive. We draw inspiration from our clients to present you with a beautifully coordinated collection. Our goal with every event is to tell your story and capture the essence of you.  

The Approach

We start with a phone call so I can learn all about you and your expectations. I take very few clients each year so making sure we are a perfect fit is pivotal.



Once we decide that we are a perfect fit for each other the collaboration stage begins. Planning and design start right away. On your behalf, I will hand-select each creative partner and we will begin to form the foundational design for what your event will look and feel like. As a designer, I ensure there is balance throughout the space and as a planner, I make certain that no detail gets overlooked.


We plan and prepare for the event or event weekend. From creating the timeline to receiving vendors to cueing toasts - myself and my day-of / weekend-of team assure that the entire experience is seamless.


Most importantly we provide the opportunity for you to enjoy your family and friends for your once-in-a-lifetime event while Lovelace Design handles everything else!