It takes thousands of decisions and lots of hard work to turn your wedding into reality... Let an expert guide you and help you experience an organized elevated planning and design process...

Busy Professional? 
Have A Ton On Your Plate? 
Complicated Family Dynamics?

No problem! I help busy professionals plan an exceptional wedding through impeccable attention to detail, inspired designs, and profound guest experiences.  One of my most important jobs is to listen. What do you love, what do you like, and who are you as a human in this world? Whom do you love, and why do you love them? Once I  understand your needs, I can provide you with an exceptional experience that is highly personal, all in an effort to design an event that is a tangible representation of all YOU are. 



Mom. Wife. Former registered nurse. Texas Tech Graduate.Margarita lover. Jersey Girl mixed with a Splash of Texas. Eternal optimist. Breast cancer survivor. Believes Sundays are for the Hallmark channel. 



Love Notes

There is no way to properly thank you for everything you did and the thousands of ways you showed up for us and our families this year. Your professionalism, attention to detail, kindness, and sense of humor all made the process easy and enjoyable. You will forever hold a place in our hearts when I look back and appreciate all you helped us to achieve. Thank you X 100,000!! :-) 

Jono & Hannah