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Lovelace Design is a concierge wedding and social event planning firm based in New England serving anywhere your love story takes us. At Lovelace Design, we strive to create extraordinary experiences for our clients. We are dedicated to providing a high level of service, ensuring every wedding or event we plan is just as unique as the individual we plan it for. We take a holistic approach to event planning and design, weaving together all the details and creating an inviting and cohesive atmosphere with memories that last for a lifetime. 


          ello, My name is Christina Lovelace, and I

          am proud to call myself a multicultural "Jersey Girl." Having lived in numerous places throughout my life, including New Jersey, New York, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts, I have gained a unique perspective on life and business.

After graduating from nursing school in 2006, I went on to attend Texas Tech School of Business, where I earned my MBA. My journey led me to hold several notable positions, including Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Operations, wife, and my favorite, mom. 

In 2013, I had the incredible opportunity to work on my first wedding. I continued working on events part-time until 2020 when I decided to pursue my passion for wedding and event planning as a full-time business. Since then, I have never looked back!

 - Christina


It's Nice To Meet You.

Here at Lovelace Design, we Inspire and encourage the connection of marriage through participating in the transformational process of wedding planning.


We value different sexual orientations, ethnicities, faiths, and genders. All are welcome!

We value the happiness a celebration brings and are committed to maintaining an optimistic approach throughout the planning process for our clients.

We value our clients' unique view of what they want their wedding to be and are dedicated to planning a wedding that represents everything they are.


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Watch the video to learn more about Lovelace Design

Lace Pattern

Christina is one of those people that feels like family as soon as you meet them...

Felicia & Lenny

What Makes Lovelace Design Different? 

"As a former nurse turned wedding planner, I bring a unique blend of collaboration skills and business development expertise to the table. My experience working alongside numerous families and patients has taught me the importance of clear communication and attention to detail. These skills are essential in crafting a truly personalized and unforgettable wedding experience for my clients. Additionally, my background in developing strategies for top hospital systems has given me a keen eye for identifying the key factors that make an event successful."

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