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YAYYYY! We're Engaged! Now What?

Getting engaged is super exciting but can immediately seem overwhelming. With thousands of things you need to do before the big day where should you start? Check out Lovelace Design's 4 steps to follow after you have said YES!

1. Tell your closest family and friends!

We all love to post a great moment but if possible let's tell "mom" first! With so much excitement you may forget to tell the people closest to you before announcing it to the world. Before posting, call your closest relative(s) / friends and tell them the BIG NEWS! Getting married is a huge milestone in life and "mom" would prefer to know from you and not from your Insta story.

2. Have a discussion with your partner about the wedding.

Yes, you both have agreed to get married but what does that look like? Your partner's vision and thoughts may be very different from yours especially if this is something you haven't talked about. Both partners need to, at the very least, agree on what kind of wedding "big or small", the wedding budget, who will be contributing, and how soon the wedding should take place. Those are the basics. If you can agree on those things you are headed in the right direction.

3. Have a discussion with the main financial players.

It is your wedding, but if a family member such as a parent is contributing to it you need to figure out how involved they want to be and what their expectations are. If they contribute does that mean you need to invite all their friends? Does it mean they want to be involved in every meeting about the wedding? Does it mean they will give you money and allow you to spend it how you see fit? Figuring out all those types of details will save you a ton of headaches down the road. Do not assume! Just have the conversation.

4. Hire a professional!

Now that you understand the players and overall the type of wedding you want to have, call a wedding planner! You could call the wedding planner before steps 1-3 are complete, however, your wedding planner will most likely still need to know the answers to those questions so it would be great if you had that work done ahead of time. Once you start working with your planner things should go smoothly. You will still have a checklist to complete but it will be in an organized fashion with an expert guiding you along the way. All wedding planners have different workflows but most will supply you with a list of when things should get done.

Now you are off and ready to tackle your wedding! Good Luck and CONGRATULATIONS!

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