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Why hire a wedding planner?

Why do you need a wedding planner? If you want a straightforward response it is simply because we make your life easier. As an event planner for almost a decade, I believe it takes an extremely organized person with an exceptional set of creative skills to pull off a successful wedding. Unlike other events, weddings are uniquely sensitive, and emotions at times create irrational behavior. That combination alone should be enough to convince anyone that a planner is necessary, but surprisingly no one thinks of it like that until you realize that you love your partner, but can't wait for your wedding to be a thing of the past.

Over the years I have worked with many couples that have had friends and family “help” them through the process and it almost always turns into a mess! Unless of course, your friend or family member is an event planner. But, even that doesn't work, as your friend or family member is so busy planning that they don't get a chance to enjoy the wedding. There seems to be an underlying belief that hiring a wedding planner is not a necessary expense, but what it comes down to is how valuable is your time?

Weddings, which are one of the most elaborate events you will ever have in your lifetime, are not the easiest to plan. There are lots of moving parts. Lots of things can go wrong. The wedding process is something that can be quite overwhelming. The wedding experience starts when the ring or commitment is given and takes off from there. It's such a precious time in your life and it should be treated as such. I mean, if you never fixed your car before would you change the breaks on your own or call a professional? As a wedding planner, my job is to give you expert advice, connect you with the best vendors, stay up to date on the newest trends, and act as a representative for you. My job is ultimately to save you many hours of research and headaches. I am here so that you don’t have to care about all the small details and big things on the day of or during the planning process. All you should care about is feeling excited! The planning process should be an enjoyable experience! Yes, I said ENJOYABLE!

Your wedding planner also acts as the protector of your investment. After all, for many people, your wedding will be one of the most expensive experiences in your life, so be sure it's treated as such. Weddings are not just a moment etched in the history of your life they also cost a lot depending on what kind of wedding you are having. How do wedding planners save you money? Lots of ways! One of the most valuable ways is freeing up your time. A lot of my clients have demanding jobs so I act as a representative for them. I allow you to be in two places at once. Checking contracts for unnecessary fees, keeping couples within budget without sacrificing style, and solving problems before they become bigger more expensive issues are just some of the reasons why wedding planners are worth their weight in gold. We also add value to the money you do decide to spend. Anyone can spend money, but for what and why is very important. It can buy you a one-of-a-kind fabulous event or it can buy you a bunch of stuff in a ballroom.

So, whether it's timeline creation, logistics, tastings, budgeting, design, style advice, etiquette coaching, vendor meetings, contract negotiations, marriage advice, or dealing with your unruly drunk cousin... wedding planners do it all.

"Weddings are easy," said no one so, when it comes to curating your special day make sure you have your quarterback! Cheers to all the wedding planners out there. May your service bring dreams to life and turn meaningful moments into memories!

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