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2022 Wedding Trends

2022 is here and people are ready to PARTY! Check out some of the trends that we will be seeing this year.

Elaborate Dessert Tables

Cakes are out and fabulous dessert tables are in! Talk about choices... These over-the-top dessert tables are a piece of art. They give guests lots of options and add another layer of WOW to your decor! I'm a fan of this myself. After all, who doesn't love choices in dessert!

Vintage Furniture Outside

Bringing the indoors outside seems to be everywhere lately. Adding a layer of elegance in the middle of a field is a fun way to mix things up a bit. Plus these vintage areas are GREAT for pics. I mean Persian rugs and mid-century furniture never sounded so good!

Hello Color! Bold Splashes Of Color

The Color is BACK BABY! I Love bold in your face colors! Scattered or in a block pattern, they are back. No more light and airy. We are starting to see a huge mix of bright colors. Bright color cups, flowers, tuxedos, and even wedding gowns!!Colors inspire a feeling and bright colors are usually associated with happiness so bring it on! Weddings are supposed to be exciting so why not celebrate with a color that makes you feel like YAYYY!

Outdoor Weddings With Amazing Tents

Outdoor weddings have been a thing since covid, but I'm happy to report they aren't going anywhere. Bring on the solar lights and tents because doing lots of drapery and lighting is just the beginning. Couples have been doing all kinds of speciality tents and canopies complete with hanging floral installations, chandeliers, and fabulous flooring. Yes... I said flooring! Couples are doing it big when it comes to comfort and beauty. Just because it's at home doesn't mean it can't be magical!

Black Tie Is Back!

After being in sweats pants for 2 years people want to get their glow on! This year you will see guests typically wear floor-length gowns and tuxedos when attending weddings.

Wedding Weekends

WIth covid delaying weddings for so long people are turning their wedding into a full-on vacations! We are talking multi-day celebrations at destinations! A single day may be too short to have a truly unforgettable experience and since you have waited so long you may as well prolong the party!

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Flowers are some of nature's most beautiful creations and couples are not skimping in the slightest for 2022. Flowers have gone from being a plain old centerpiece to a real work of art. This year we will see a ton of cascading free movement statement pieces, dramatic floral arches, and amazing floral draped aisles. I can't wait!

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