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Frequently Asked 

What kind of events do you specialize in?

I am excited to celebrate anything you are! Although the majority of my events are weddings, I love planning and designing all kinds of celebrations including bar & bat mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, bridal showers, baby showers, social gatherings corporate events, and more! 


Are you comfortable planning multi-cultural weddings? 

Absolutely! As an advocate for my clients, I strive to produce a wedding that looks like YOU. Marrying different cultural and religious backgrounds is beautiful. I will help guide you through those tough choices and help you execute traditions as YOU see fit. 


What is the typical wedding investment your clients make?

A Lovelace Design wedding starts at $100,000 with couples spending an average of $400 - $1000 per person. Some events, of course, exceed this range, based on the overall design of the event. Your investment will be guided by lots of factors including venue choice, floral design, rentals, production needs, location, as well as my fee. 


What kind of investment will I need to make for your services?

My fee is customized based on the scope of work that needs to be done and includes a structure that compensates me for the three elements of what I am developing for you over the course of our engagement together: 1. planning  | 2. design/production |  3. event management. We go over your investment in depth during the planning and design stage so everything is transparent from the very beginning.


Do you take kickbacks from vendors?

That's a firm NO! I don't believe in getting any type of percentage from the creative partners we choose to work on your event. The only thing that matters to me is if they are the right fit for your vision. 


How many events do you have yearly? 

Since Lovelace Design is a boutique wedding planning company, I only take on 5 weddings per year along with 2-5 smaller events sprinkled throughout. I do my best work when I have time to spend with each client and understand their needs. If I had multiple weddings monthly my detail-oriented, highly personal level of service would be impossible. 


Why don't you offer partial planning or month-of coordination? 

When I started planning in 2013 I offered partial planning and month-of coordination, but as I have grown in my craft and expertise I have come to realize that I do my best work when I can be involved from START to FINISH. Coming in half way through or at the end of your planning journey removes that personal touch I pride myself on. It's crucial that I have a relationship with you and understand what is important in order to deliver my best work. That kind of magic only develops organically over TIME. 


My event venue has a coordinator. Do I still need a planner?

Totally! A coordinator at a venue is an excellent resource but they are very focused on running the venue not planning your wedding. A venue coordinator is focused on making sure the premises, food, beverage, and waitstaff are in order. Also, because they work for the venue they have tons of brides, grooms and everything in between to tend to. A wedding planner on the other hand offers personalized expert advice and guides you through the entire planning process as well as seeing that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. 


Will you plan in different states or countries?

I go where ever the party takes me! Thus far I have planned events in New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Texas, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. I haven't planned in another country yet but I would LOVE the opportunity!  


I have a very demanding work schedule but I want to be involved in the planning process. What are your business hours? 

I don't have business hours, I have your hours. I offer a true concierge level of planning and I work with whatever schedule works best for you. When we start working together we discuss how involved or "not" involved you would like to be. I believe the job of the planner is to take the stress off your shoulders without removing you from the process unless you would like to be. I can take your ideas and design something magical on your behalf or we can design it together. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.

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